Fastlaps is gearing up for another high performance event this year.  Our events are designed to have a limited number of sponsors to join us and bring along their guests for an unforgettable day.


All events are designed to offer participants an opportunity to sharpen their driving skills and feel the exhilaration of being on a race track in their own vehicles in a controlled environment. There are also sessions to experience “Fastlaps” with instructors in the various high performance cars at these event.


Our day begins with an off-track instruction where participants learn driving theory and race-track fundamentals. On track, drivers learn the proper racing line, braking points, cornering and acceleration and will build an appreciation for the dynamics between car, driver and the road.

Performance Programs:

  1. Off-track instruction session and advanced driving 101

  2. On-track orientation with instructors

  3. Instructor “Lead and Follow” Laps

  4. In-car instruction

  5. Catered lunch and refreshments

  6. Open lapping sessions

  7. Fastlaps instructors’ vehicles

Corporate Days:

  1. Specifically geared for corporate team-building events.

  2. Incentives

  3. Client relationships

Updated: December 22, 2011